Party Information

Cupcake stands


Holds up to 200 cupcakes at once or up to 400 cake pops. We have a circular one and a square one both are $100 up front with $50 returned when the stand is returned.

Wedding tasting


We would love to have you in for a wedding tasting. This allows for you and your significant other to choose 6 flavors to try. The cost is $10 but if you book your wedding with us this gets deducted from your bill!

Birthday Parties


Invite 10 friends to celebrate with you! Each person will make about a 1/4 pound of chocolate and we provide a dozen cupcakes and ice cream for $150.00. Call us to schedule a birthday party!

Discount Rates

If you order over 200 cupcakes the price drops to $1.00 each. Also you can add a chocolate piece on top of your cupcake for only $0.30 each. Popcorn can be bought for $0.90 per cup not bagged. 

Delivery and Setup

We deliver for a fee of $50.00 and set up for a fee of $100.

Half of the order needs to be paid for a month prior to the event. Then the entire order needs to be paid for prior to the day.